Welcome To Our Chinese Restaurant

Our Chinese restaurant is your best bet for having a traditional meal without having to travel to China. We take pride in cooking only with the highest quality ingredients, following authentic recipes tested and approved by several generations.

We carefully select our staff, in order to offer our clients a seamless dining experience, each and every time. Our chefs are Chinese, so they know all the best kept secrets of this tasty and intriguing cuisine. They are going to surprise you with a wealth of flavors and with a rich taste that would make you want to come back over and over again. The waiters are also Chinese, brought up and trained to respect all traditional methods and ritual of serving a meal. By choosing to eat in our restaurant, you can be sure you’re going to feel spoiled, as our waiters know how to pay close attention to all clients and how to cater to their needs.

With us, you have the unique opportunity to discover the authentic Chinese cuisine right here, in your neighborhood. Moreover, you’re going to be able to watch our chefs in action, as all cooking happens before the very eyes of our clients. We’ve got nothing to hide, so everybody is welcome to see how the best noodles and the hand-folded dim sum are prepared and cooked.

Everything in our restaurant, from the entrance door to the tiniest element of decor, is authentic Chinese. We’ve brought many of our furniture items straight from China. Moreover, we’ve acquired only exquisite pieces, manufactured by various artisans. We’ve brought all these things here, with the purpose of recreating the multi-sensory dining experience, the Chinese culture and tradition.

Although traditional, everything in our restaurant is interpreted in a modern way. Our guests can take a glimpse into the best of the Chinese cuisine and tradition, while enjoying all the modern comfort they’ve been used to. Everything in our restaurant looks like centuries ago, but has the most modern functionality, in order to offer you the finest dining experience possible. Whether you want to come here with your date, with your spouse or with a business partner, you’re going to find the same cozy atmosphere and friendly staff, ready to make you feel great.

The commercial bakery equipment, and tunnel ovens have been provided by one of the top companies in the industry.

You are welcome to make a dinner reservation or to book our restaurant for a special celebration. We can organize traditional style Chinese banquets, as well as modern parties and business events. We’ve had the pleasure to be awarded a lot of distinctions by well-known food magazines. Our chefs are frequently taking part in culinary training programs in China, in order to update themselves with the latest cooking techniques and ingredients. This is how we manage to bring modern Chinese cuisine right to your city, so that you don’t have to travel so far away for enjoying an authentic meal that’s going to make you feel the warmth and the passion of Asia.

Contact us today for a reservation, and let us amaze you with our service!

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